The Breakroom

People’s Choice Voting Begins Today!

April 7, 2003

By Webmaster

That’s right folks, its that time again! Time for all of you regular visitors to the Iconfactory to get up and atom to vote for your favorite entries in this year’s Pixelpalooza contest. We invite you to visit each of the three category pages (OS X, CandyBar and Classic) and rate your preference for each entry. People’s Choice voting runs from today until Midnight April 12th and the winners will be announced along side of the Grand Prize and Runner up winners selected by this year’s judges on April 21st.

Lastly, we know it may be tempting to try to find ways to cheat and vote more than once for a particular category, but please don’t. Artists from around the world have put their hearts and souls into their creations, and if you value their efforts, please treat the contest with respect and vote only once in each of the three categories. If we detect that people are stuffing the “ballot box” as it were, we reserve the right to reset the vote totals, or just plain cancel People’s Choice Voting for 2003. As long as everyone plays nice, we’ll do just fine, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed. Now get voting!