The Breakroom

Introducing Pixadex!

July 14, 2003

By Webmaster


Panic and the Iconfactory, the creative team that brought you CandyBar, has teamed up once for Pixadex. Pixadex is to icons, what Apple’s iPhoto is to images, and more. Pixadex lets you quickly import, organize and search huge numbers of icons easily. The application stores all of your icons in a single place, organized into customized collections that can be sorted and searched as well as re-exported.

Here are just some of Pixadex’s powerful features:

  • Import standard Mac icons, iContainers & older IconDropper Packs
  • Search against a variety of info including author, copyright and keywords
  • Set any icon for CandyBar or simply drag and drop into CandyBar
  • Export icons in a variety of image formats including TIFFs, PNGs and .ICNS
  • Copy and paste icons onto Adobe Photoshop canvases for editing
  • Set custom icons in the Finder instantly with QuickDrop

In addition, Pixadex comes complete with an exclusive iContainer – On Safari, from our very own Dave Brasgalla. These application and document replacement icons are rendered in World of Aqua style and are sure to be an instant hit with icon collectors everywhere.

Pixadex is shareware and is available today for $18.95. Registered users of our classic icon organization program, IconDropper, qualify for a $5.00 discount. We invite you to download Pixadex and try it out for yourself. This is the program icon lovers everywhere have been waiting for.