The Breakroom

“Developer Day” At The Iconfactory

November 7, 2003

By Webmaster

We’re pleased to announce the release of two new resources geared toward developers and icon artists – IconBuilder Pro 4.1 for Adobe Photoshop CS and the launch of new developer-based FAQ items at the Iconfactory.

IconBuilder Pro 4.1 has been updated to work with the recently released Adobe Photoshop CS, as well as Apple’s new Panther OS X. IconBuilder Pro 4.1 contains several important feature additions including the ability to support Photoshop Actions, making the filter scriptable and even easier to automate the icon-making process. IconBuilder Pro also now supports Command-F to re-run processes, greatly improved adaptive 8-bit palette handling for Windows icon creation and a host of bug fixes and user interface tweaks. IconBuilder Pro 4.1 is a free upgrade for registered users and can be purchased today for $69.00.

The “Developer Zone” are helpful FAQ items that contain answers to our most frequently asked technical questions regarding anything icon related. The Developer Zone helps answer questions like how to incorporate custom icons in cross-platform presentations, and why we consider Panther’s .ZIP compression scheme to be problematic for Mac users. We invite you to surf on over to the Zone and see what this new section of the site has to offer.