The Breakroom

End of Week Grab Bag

June 18, 2004

By Webmaster

As we head into the weekend here at the factory, we wanted to post a quick note to let everyone know to keep your eyes out for several new factory animations that will be popping up in the weeks ahead. The pixel gnomes have been working overtime to send these down the assembly line and the first few are rolling off now, so stay alert, you never know when you’ll see new stuff.

Also, David Lanham has produced a soothing desktop picture to accompany his recent Somatic System replacement set of icons. Be sure to surf on over to his site and check it out, it will give you warm, fuzzy feelings all over. Lastly, thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write with your positive comments regarding the release of the IF 200th Set. Its gratifying to know that our efforts to bring you freeware icons are so appreciated, thank you!