The Breakroom

Presenting Max Rudberg

July 20, 2004

By Webmaster

We’re pleased to announce that Mac theme and GUI artist, Max Rudberg, has completed his very first OS X icon set. Some of you may know Max from the accomplished theme work he’s done for the platform. What you may not know is that Max has been working as an intern in the Iconfactory / Marmalade Moon office in Stockholm, Sweden for several months.

One of his first assignments was an icon set of course, and this week’s “New Icon Tuesday” release of Play Time over at Max Themes is the result. We hope you will support the efforts of this fledgling icon artist and download his work and if you enjoy it, write to him and let him know. Its takes a great deal of talent and patience to pull off a set so successfully on your first time out, and from all of us here at the factory, we’d like to say “Well done Max!”. Enjoy.