The Breakroom

Well Wishes For the Founder and Family

August 3, 2004

By Webmaster

Just a quick note to ask visitors to keep Corey and family in their thoughts these next few days. Why is that you ask? The Marion Family left for their bi-annual vacation last Sunday, which, under normal circumstances would be a cause for celebration. Except that their vacation destination, as it is every year, is the Outer Banks of North Carolina. If you’ve been watching the weather, than you know that the first hurricane of the season, Alex, just happens to be brushing NC’s coast this week. That being the case, we are keeping Corey and family in mind. We’ll keep you posted on the Marion clan, and in the mean time, keep your finger’s crossed that Alex will head out to sea and Corey and Cynthia can survive being locked inside with their children all day long. :-)

Update: Although the coast did suffer significant damage, the Marion family came through with flying colors! Thanks for your well wishes everyone!