The Breakroom

We’ve Opened the Crypt Yet Again

October 5, 2004

By Webmaster

Welcome to our annual Halloween make over! Every year we let the vampires and undead out of their tombs and they somehow manage to take over the factory. We hope you enjoy the spooky look and feel and make The Iconfactory your number one stop for Halloween GUI goodies.

Your favorite dank and dark Web’s Attic is alive with the links that will take you to all things spooky on the web. Our News Hell Hound has been pressed into service by throngs of zombies to keep the page up-to-date. Actually, that’s not true, she’s relying on all of you out there to send us your holiday related URLs. So if you spot a set of Halloween icons, scary font, wallpaper or whatever, send it to us and she’s sure to get it posted in a single flap of a bat’s wing.