The Breakroom

We’re Back!

January 4, 2005

By Webmaster

Our annual holiday break has ended and the workers are slowly getting back into the swing of things around the old factory. Pixel workshops are coming back up to speed and new plans are being laid, so we invite you to spend another year with us as we offer more icons, software and goodies in the days and weeks ahead. And while there is no official IF icon release this week, be sure to head on over to Dave Brasgalla’s site, Pixelhuset, to download his latest creation – Colossus. Dave has also created some nifty desktop pictures and sounds to go along with his iconic creations, so head on over and check them out. Finally, like so many other Mac faithful, we’ll be watching MacWorld San Fran with eagle eyes to see just what Steve has up his sleeve. We’ll be watching the keynote from the front row of the Apple store in Durham, NC, so maybe we’ll see you there!