The Breakroom

Iconfactory Year In Review

December 16, 2005

By Webmaster

Today marks our last day at the assembly line for 2005, as all of the workers will be taking the next two weeks off to enjoy the holidays with friends and family. As we close up shop each year, we take stock of what we were able to bring to you, our loyal base of fans and users.

On the software front, Panic and The Iconfactory released several versions of Pixadex including 2.0 that by all accounts has been a huge success with icon maniacs everywhere. Our Chief Typist, Craig Hockenberry somehow managed to find time to do a complete re-write of our popular icon construction filter, IconBuilder and bring it to a whole new level, version 8.0. This year also saw revisions to ARTIS and The Iconfactory’s xScope as well as our own iPulse that have helped to keep pace with Apple’s hardware and operating system updates.

On the icon side of the plant, the Iconfactory’s artists pumped out a total of 33 all new freeware sets (including 4 for CandyBar) of icons for your desktop pleasure for a grand total of 680+ individual icons. Some noteworthy additions to our icon archives this year include: Litho System, Transformers, WOA Tiger Drives, Coffee & Tea, Kill Bill, Batmobiles, Somatic Xtras, Futurama, Agua and our official release of War of the Worlds. In addition, over at our sister site, the DeskStop, Mindy released 8 new pictures to help spice up your desktop.

The amazing success of continued this year with the release of over 20 new base and add-on collections of pre-designed, royalty free icons for developers and designers. Iconfactory artists continued to offer stunning, high quality bitmap and EPS icon collections for use in print, on the web and in software that are unmatched anywhere else.

We appreciate all of your support of our efforts, be it registering our software, purchasing stock icons, sending a kind note or just by bookmarking The Iconfactory. We have some major surprises in store for 2006 and we hope you’ll not only stick with us in the months ahead, but tell all your friends about us too. Its hard to believe that our tenth anniversary is almost upon us. We’ll be looking forward to it, doing the work we love, and in the meantime have a happy, safe and fun holiday season!