The Breakroom

Suffering Pixelpalooza Withdrawal?

April 27, 2006

By Webmaster

We came across a nice posting from a fellow iconist today that we thought we would share with our visitors. Seems as though Jamie and others are going through Pixelpalooza withdrawal and long for the heady days of pixelated madness that each winter brought here at the factory. Starting in 1997, The Iconfactory sponsored a contest to help build support for the Macintosh and Mac-based icon artists by encouraging new and unique creations in the art of icon design. The contest was a huge success for the eight years it ran until going on hiatus in 2005.

Pixelpalooza helped us to find three of the most talented icon artist in the world, Dave Brasgalla, Anthony Piraino and David Lanham. So you can imagine that the contest holds a special place in our hearts. Hundreds of talented artists have created thousands of icons for Pixelpalooza and Mac users everywhere are grateful.

2006 marks the tenth anniversary of the founding of The Iconfactory, and we have some very special things in store for all of you this year. We’ve been keeping a tight lid on those developments, but we wanted you to know that this is the main reason why we’ve had to put the contest on hold these last two years. If all goes well, Pixelpalooza will indeed return, better, bigger and funner than ever before. We’re sure you will be pleased with what is coming your way in the months ahead, and thank you once again for all of your support.