The Breakroom

Cars Conspiracy

June 11, 2006

By Webmaster


A quick detour from the world of icons for a moment to talk about the new PIXAR film Cars. Some of the workers saw the latest animated feature from the wizards at Steve’s other place of work this weekend and we have to say we were impressed. This comes as a relief since ever since the original teaser trailer premiered, we’ve been a little worried. Whomever put this trailer together really should be scrapped, (sorry) because we’re happy to say it did no justice to the final product. Cars is a thoroughly enjoyable, albeit a bit long, journey into the surrealistic world of these friendly automobiles.

The animation is top notch (of course), the voice work is spot on, and the story while not totally original, warms the heart. Combine this plus tons of visual eye candy for car lovers, some awesome music from Sheryl Crow plus the usual assortment of “in-jokes” and you’ve got yourself another winner in the Disney / PIXAR line up. Critical reviews for Cars have been mixed, but we say to them “get off your high horse and smell the motor oil man!”. Taken for what it is, Cars is great from start to finish and it is worthy of a visit to the theater AND a place in our DVD collection. Lighten up dudes! For more on Cars and general news about PIXAR, check out the blog Luxo. Lots of information about their films, company culture and just general cool stuff.