The Breakroom

Welcome to v.6.0!

August 1, 2006

By Webmaster


Welcome one and all as we celebrate our 10th anniversary with the launch of all-new versions of and Over 2 years in design and development, the new sites have been rebuilt from the ground up using Ruby on Rails and are now hosted on Apple’s xServe platform. These two sites boast many new features and a wealth of new or revised content. Those familiar with our old site will find a pleasing new color scheme and layout, enhanced site navigation, extensive support items and much, much more. If you are a first timer, then we extend a warm welcome and hope you’ll keep visiting again and again!

Here are just some of the new things that await you as you browse the new

  • An all new, expansive CandyBar system replacement icon set from artist David Lanham – Amora. Unlike any freeware icon collection we’ve previously produced, Amora will help make your computer into a slick, futuristic landscape full of techno-surprises. An accompanying Macintosh Shapeshifter theme can be found at
  • Our sister site, the Deskstop has joined the Iconfactory so we now offer free, custom desktop pictures as well as icons. New desktop pictures from artist Mindy Weaver will appeal to Mac and Windows users alike.
  • A fun and free Dashboard widget for Mac OS X that helps you decide where to eat out – Dine-O-Matic. Enter your favorite eateries and their associated cuisine styles and then let the food fates decide where to go!
  • All 250+ of our freeware icon sets are now available as Pixadex iContainers and Windows ICO files as well as standard Mac icons.
  • Our downloadable content now uses .dmg (disk images) exclusively for our Mac OS X users and .zip files for our Windows users.
  • RSS Feeds for Iconfactory content and industry news links.
  • Content and support items can be queried using keywords or similarity.
  • Customizable preferences let you control site preview sizes and more.
  • Fully compliant with W3C standards using CSS 2.0 & XHTML 1.0. also receives the makeover treatment and the new design makes finding and purchasing the perfect icon style for your project easier than ever. Several new stock icon sets have been added for the site’s launch so we invite you to visit and download samples today.

Long time visitors to the Iconfactory undoubtedly will notice content such as the factory warehouse animations and the Deskbase have gone missing. While the animations have indeed been put out to pasture, we are pleased to announce that for the first time, all 70 of them are now available via our new File Directory. Hop on over and take a look. As for the Deskbase, we hope to bring it back at some point in the future.

Today we invite you to help us celebrate a decade of creativity and service to the Macintosh and Windows based icon community. We look forward to your thoughts and feedback on the new design, the expanded content and anything else you care to tell us about. More surprises are in store in the weeks ahead, so don’t go away, things are just heating up. Welcome one and all!