The Breakroom

Bending Adobe’s Ear

September 18, 2006

By Webmaster

For those of you not familiar with the story so far, here is a quick recap. Back on August 23rd we wrote a post of our Top 5 Adobe Illustrator Pet Peeves. Things in Illustrator that either bugged us or were slowing us down in our day-to-day icon making lives. That post was met with a flurry of feedback from frustrated Illustrator users the world over who wrote and shared their thoughts and frustrations as well as offered helpful tips and tricks to work around some of the difficulties we were having.

We are pleased to announce that our posts made an amazing journey from the factory floor all the way to the screen of Philip Guindi, the Product Manager for Adobe Illustrator itself. Mr. Guindi wrote to thank us for providing constructive feedback and to let us know that our concerns have indeed been heard. In particular, Adobe is working hard to improve several areas we mentioned (including forgetful clipping masks), but in particular the ability to make selecting objects and points “easier.” To this we have only one word… hallelujah! Who ever said a stick works better than a carrot anyway?

From our dialog with Mr. Guindi and the Senior Product Manager for Photoshop, John Nack, it seems quite clear that Adobe is committed to making the CS3 versions of Illustrator and Photoshop, upgrades that will matter. We love new features as much as the next guy, and we’re sure there will be many in CS3, but we’d much rather have the existing feature sets be the best they can be. This not only helps save us time and money, but also allows us to crank out icons for clients and fans quickly and effectively.

So from all of the workers, to those at Adobe, our pixel hats go off to you for taking the time to actually listen to your users. We’re looking forward to seeing how our new found friend, Adobe Illustrator, matures and grows in the days and weeks ahead. Kudos!