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Scotty, Beam Us Up… NOW!

September 1, 2006

By Webmaster


A few days ago, word leaked out that the powers that be were planning on re-releasing Star Trek the Original Series with all new and updated special effects. We posted some tantalizing tidbits in the Industry News about this, but were waiting on official word from Paramount. Well, the word has come and all we can say is “Beam us up!”

CBS will begin syndicating all 79 of the re-mastered episodes here in the US, starting as early as September 16th. Some trek purists (our own Dave Brasgalla among them) may have second thoughts about the possibilities of Hollywood brass tampering with the past ala Lucas and the now infamous Han vs. Greedo shootout, but with the news that Michael and Denise Okuda are working on the project, we think things are in more than capable hands. The episodes will feature all new space shots, digitally remastered music, and select corrections of “goofs” from certain episodes. Head over to TV Guide for the full story.

Star Trek has always been close to our hearts and was one of our original inspirations for creating desktop icons. We are pleased as punch to be able to look forward to “new” episodes of the original series. Full speed ahead!