The Breakroom

“Creatures crawl in search of blood…”

October 9, 2006

By Webmaster


Welcome children of the night! That’s right, we’re dripping with excitement to announce that our 2006 haunted Halloween makeover has finally arrived! Our favorite holiday is fast approaching and so the slaves (sorry, we mean workers) have conjured up a few ghoulies and ghosties to help ‘redecorate’ the factory.

The month of October means spooky icon sets, scary new desktop pictures, and tasty tricks and treats in the form of all new QuickPix for your pleasure. Be sure to keep visiting for the latest Halloween happenings in our News Links. You don’t want to miss a moment of the creepy, crawly fun.

And while you are fending off the hordes of Halloween goodies that have stacked up over the years here at the factory, be sure to visit our Staff page. Our employees have undergone horrific transformations for our new site design, so be sure to bring your silver bullets and holy water!

Our month long tribute to all things All Hallow’s Eve begins today and we hope you’ll stay tuned for everything emerging from the lab in the weeks ahead. Fun stuff is in store so enjoy the creepy new Iconfactory, and Happy Halloween!

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