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Wii Are Waiting In Line…

October 13, 2006

By Webmaster

If you are a game console fan, then you know the significance of today. Yes, the sky is turning red, the seas are about to boil and the earth is about to stop spinning. Okay, so its not that important, its just the day that the new Nintendo Wii console goes on pre-order here in the US. David and Ged are off to camp out at our Greensboro GameSpot at the Target shopping plaza to pony up our $50 for a piece of gaming history. Maybe we’ll see you there, and stay tuned for pictures from the trenches (note the time of this post)!

UPDATE: David and Ged were successful! We were 3rd and 4th in line at our GameStop which had a grand total of 10 Wii’s for pre-sale. After a loooong morning of freezing temperatures and watching some hard core dudes play XBOX 360 out of the back of their SUV on their flat panel HDTV, we have arrived back at the factory with our sales receipts in hand. WooT! Pictures soon!

UPDATE II: Posted some picts of the chilly event on Flickr. Plus a video of the hard core XBOX dudes playing out of their SUV. Enjoy!