The Breakroom

Year In Review for 2006

December 15, 2006

By Webmaster


We’re flipping the switches and turning off the assembly line until January 3rd so the workers can take their annual holiday break from the pixel grind. As is tradition around here, we’ve gone back and taken a look at all we accomplished here in 2006 and the results surprised even us.

Of course the big news was that to help mark our 10th anniversary in existence, we somehow managed to complete work on all new versions of both Iconfactory and The thousands of hours invested in development paid off in August when we went live after a week of teaser animations that were the talk of the Internet. With the launch, we welcomed our sister site, the DeskStop into the factory fold and have since served up 18 cool desktop pictures. The feedback has been fantastic and made all the effort truely worth it. Thanks for your patience and support!

This year saw updates to iPulse, xScope and most notably IconBuilder to get it ready for the huge sizes that the new OS’s are bringing. We also released our first freeware OS X widget – Dine-O-Matic which has been a favorite of restaurant goers everywhere.

Of course the Iconfactory wouldn’t be, well, the Iconfactory without icons and 2006 was a banner year. The dedicated folks at the pixel controls cranked out 28 freeware sets this year for a total of 636 icons. Memorable sets included Torino, V for Vendetta, Hieroglyphica, the Futurama and Litho series, Mission Impossible and the Float Sneak Peek. The iContainer offerings this year included three hugely popular CandyBar collections – Agua and Amora by David and ClearBlack by Talos. Watch for more CandyBar sets in 2007!

As we head out to celebrate the holidays with family and friends, we wanted to say thanks once again to all of you who have supported us with your kind words, registering your copies of our software or purchasing stock icon collections. Thanks to you we’ve managed to flourish for over ten years in this industry. Who knew we could make a living pushing tiny pixels for so long? We hope you’ll stay tuned in 2007 because we’ve got some stuff you are going to go crazy for. Updates to Pixadex and CandyBar are in the pipe as well as some new developments that we think will surprise and delight you. So we leave you with Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone!