The Breakroom

All Eyes Turn to that City by the Bay

January 3, 2007

By Webmaster

We’re back folks! Fresh and rested from our annual holiday break, the workers are eager to get the new year off and running by cranking up the assembly line and getting back in the pixellated groove. Every year at this time we dust off our WACOM tablets and sort through the thousands of Spams built up over the break, and our thoughts inevitably turn to that little ol’ thing called MacWorld and the city of San Fransisco.

As our old friend Tony Bennett once said ”…high on a hill, it calls to me.” This year, more than any in recent memory, the pull of the City by the Bay and Steve’s Reality distortion field™ seems to be in maximum overdrive. Unfortunately we blew all our air fare on Wii remotes and Bigfoot action figures this Christmas, so we’ll be tracking the rumored 2 hour keynote thanks to our favorite Mac news and gadget websites from the cushy comfort of our office chairs. But for those lucky enough to see the man in person, MacWorld 2007 seems to hold the promise of something special.

Will we see the iTV in action? Will we be lining up to say “Adios!” to our old fashion cell phones in favor of Apple’s long-rumored