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iPulse 2.1.8 and Twitterrific 2.0

April 5, 2007

By Webmaster


The Chief Typist has been slaving away the past few weeks to bring you updates to two of our most popular software products.

First up is our Mac OS X monitoring utility, iPulse. iPulse lets you quickly get a feel for what Mac OS X is doing under the hood via a unified, concise interface that is completely customizable. Version 2.1.8 of iPulse fixes several bugs including reporting process information, properly displaying network statistics when disconnecting from a VPN, and localization. In addition, in the “strange coincidence” department, iPulse now supports CPU reporting on Macs with up to 8 processors as well as Leopard. iPulse 2.1.8 is a free update to registered users of iPulse and is available for $12.95.

Also being updated today is our popular client for reading and posting to the Twitter network – Twitterrific. Version 2.0 has gone through some serious improvements since its initial release as well as several important bug fixes and represents a “must have” upgrade to anyone using Twitter on the Mac.

Here are just some of the cool new features you’ll find in Twitterrific v. 2.0:

  • Tweets can be displayed inline
  • The text entry field can now be resized
  • Tweets now maintain true read/unread states
  • Twitterrific checks your spelling as you type
  • Many, many more!

Be sure to visit the Twitterrific home page to get the complete skinny on this amazing, and totally free, application that is taking the Macintosh Twitter community by storm.

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