The Breakroom

Panic’s ‘Coda’ Grows on You

April 23, 2007

By Webmaster


Our good friends over at Panic marked their 10th anniversary as Mac software developers today with their landmark release of Coda. Coda is a single window environment for creating websites that features built in HTML, CSS, FTP and even Terminal support. Take your favorite apps used to create websites and bring them together into one really cool piece of software and you get Coda.

We’re especially proud of our affliation with Panic since they started developing for the Mac only a short time after us. Our two companies have “grown up” together and we’ve formed a fantastic working relationship with them. Panic is the brains behind the ever popular Mac apps Pixadex and CandyBar and we’ve done the icon design for all of their apps to date. We’re pleased to say that they once again allowed us to contribute to Coda’s success via its icon suite. Its a privilege to work with people devoted to making the best software possible for the Mac, and so we just wanted to wish them the best of luck with this amazing release. If you have not checked out Coda yet, you owe it to yourself to get on over and download it today. Congrats on ten years guys, here’s to ten more going strong!