The Breakroom

No Guts, No iGlory!

July 28, 2007

By Webmaster


It’s safe to say we love our iPhones. So far, Talos, Craig and Ged have all taken the plunge and become early adopters of Apple’s cool 1.0 product, with no regrets. The iPhone is a perfect testament to Apple’s philosophy of elegance, ease of use and friendly user interface design, and all indications point to a success of “iPod proportions” for our favorite fruit company.

Of course, there are those who are never satisfied with the status quo, and feel the need to tinker and tweak even the coolest gadget. Developers and users alike have started to modify or “mod” their iPhones using a wide range of tools from the Terminal to new GUI based apps like iFuntastic. Hacking your iPhone with these methods can be downright risky, and although the iPhone can be “reset” to factory condition easily, we’re still not completely sold on the idea.

For those willing to take the risk however, a whole new world of iPhone goodness opens up. Users can customize their home screens, change icons at will, install custom ring tones and more. To get an idea of just what awaits you in the world of iPhone modding, head on over to One Button Mouse to check out Tim Brown’s customized home screen. Tim used Anthony’s popular Litho series to give his iPhone a fresh feel that would have any geek foaming at the mouth.

Although none of the workers have played mad scientist on their own phones yet, we’re none-the-less excited to see where these modding tools and techniques will take us in the months ahead. Perhaps an app will come along that safely does for the iPhone what CandyBar does for the Mac. In the meantime, we’ll keep using Marimba and loving every minute of it. To quote our favorite Phil, “Have fun, and travel safe!”