The Breakroom

It Just Keeps Spinning!

November 6, 2007

By Webmaster

Since the launch of Marble of Doom back on October 19th, Mac users have been faithfully logging their frustration with our shiny, spinning master. As of this writing has logged a total of 2 months, 2 days and a little over 11 hours of wasted time as people patiently wait to regain control of their productivity.

There seems to be conflicting reports about whether Apple’s new OS, Leopard, helps to ward off the Marble or invites it to move in with you lock, stock and barrel. Until we know for sure, there’s a fun new way to get in touch with your inner wait cursor – Marble of Doom desktop pictures!

Those of you who are gluttons for punishment can head over to and download the desktop pictures pack today. What better way to show the Marble how much you love it than to plaster its glossy face all over your computer desktop? Just remember we’re not responsible if you should suddenly decide to pick your Mac up and toss it out the window. Have fun!