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Twitterrific 3.0 Soars In

November 2, 2007

By Webmaster


We’re kicking November off with the long-awaited release of Twitterrific, our popular application for reading and posting to the Twitter social network. Version 3.0 of Twitterrific incorporates some of Mac users’ most commonly requested features as well as offering full compatibility with Apple’s new Leopard operating system.

Here are some of the great new things you’ll find in Twitterrific v. 3.0:

  • Direct messages and @replies are highlighted and displayed inline
  • The Dock icon displays the number of unread tweets
  • Launch URLs contained in tweets directly from the keyboard
  • Detailed explanations for Twitter errors shown inline
  • Screen names linked to user’s Twitter page
  • Plays nice with Mac OS X 10.5, Leopard
  • Much more!

Over the past few months Twitterrific has grown from a small side project to be one of the most recognizable applications in the Iconfactory’s roster of software. We are pleased to announce that starting today, development of Twitterrific is now being funded, in part, by advertisements from The Deck. The Deck reaches millions of users a month, and we are proud that Twitterrific joins such noted partners as Daring Fireball, A List Apart and Airbag Industries. Deck sponsorship means Mac users can continue to enjoy Twitterrific and all its great features, free of charge, without limitations. Those users who prefer to run Twitterrific ad-free can choose to register the program for $14.95.

Be sure to visit the Twitterrific home page to get the complete skinny on this amazing application that is taking the Macintosh Twitter community by storm. Thank you for your support.