The Breakroom

Year In Review for 2007

December 21, 2007

By Webmaster


It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating our 10th anniversary and writing our traditional year ending post for 2006. Now, another year has flown by and it’s time to let the pixels rest until we meet again in 2008. Looking back on the past twelve months reveals new software, icons, desktops and even a new website devoted to our glassy overlord.

Perhaps the biggest news of 2007 was our first foray into Mac gaming with our partner, ARTIS Software. Frenzic launched in February of 2007 to rave reviews. WIRED Magazine called Frenzic “Mac-only crack”, which only helped to cement our savvy marketing campaign of “Addiction never felt so right.” Frenzic is now played by thousands of Mac users all around the globe, and in November, we launched a free iPhone demo of the game with the help of Robert Neagu.

Frenzic wasn’t the only new software we unleashed on the world last year. Way back in January, Craig Hockenberry put together an unassuming little application that tied into the social networking phenomena that was Twitter. The rest, as they say, is history. Twitterrific has now become one of our most popular pieces of software. That little blue bird has flown far and wide and we have big plans for him in 2008, so stay tuned!

But what would the Iconfactory be without tons of free icons and desktop pictures to keep you’re GUI hunger satisfied? The workers shifted into over time this year and managed to pump out 25 all-new icon sets for a grand total of 470 free, desktop icons just for you. Notable releases this year included Naruto, Doctor Who, Sticker System, the iPhonica Series, Leopard Folders, Float and a slew of Halloween treats. Mindy and company created 15 new desktop pictures and even introduced a new format just for our favorite gadget of 2007, the iPhone. All this plus updates to dozens of existing collections to take advantage of Vista, Leopard and CandyBar 3 with custom styled docks. Whew!

Speaking of CandyBar, November saw the release of CandyBar 3, which combined the best of Pixadex and CandyBar 2, into one incredible application. The talented folks at Panic worked hard to produce one of the finest Leopard-only apps available anywhere. Incredible features like Core Animation, Dock customization, support for 512×512 icons and more made CandyBar 3 an instant hit. We’ll continue to update our icon sets and create new, cool docks in 2008, so be sure to bookmark the freeware page for the latest and greatest.

Of course, all of these efforts would be pointless without you, our fans. Your support over the years leaves us speechless. You drive us to create new software, imaginative original icon sets, desktop pictures and even fun side projects like the Marble of Doom website. Our thanks go out to everyone who has taken the time to send us feedback, bookmark the site or register Frenzic, Twitterrific, CandyBar 3 or any of our other pieces of software. Because of you, we’ll be back with even more creations next year and beyond. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and see you in 2008!