The Breakroom

Patapon Invades Your Desktop!

April 24, 2008

By Webmaster


The moment the game trailer hit the web, we knew Patapon was something special. Developed originally in Japan, Patapon was released in the United States this past February for the SONY PSP platform. Players use rhythms to guide their warriors in an all-out assaults against enemies both small and large, and features bold shapes and colors. Talos’ freeware release includes many of the tribe members from the initial levels of the game and make great additions for your Mac or PC desktop. The release also includes a special Patapon desktop picture from Ged that you can use as a backdrop for the icons! Watch for even more Patapon desktops from Ged next week and don’t forget about the CandyBar iContainer that sports a custom Patapon dock for Leopard users. Have fun and remember to duck!