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“Only the penitent man will pass.”

May 20, 2008

By Webmaster


Think you can keep up with the Joneses? Indy must save his father and the legendary Holy Grail in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade™, the third feature in our month long tribute to the thrilling adventure series from George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

Artist Anthony Piraino has outdone himself bringing the memorable objects and treasure from the film right to your desktop. Join young Indy’s first adventure to recover the splendid Cross of Coronado, then examine the broken remnants of the Grail Tablet for clues to help Indy find his lost father. These and other amazingly detailed icons are available now at the Iconfactory’s Indiana Jones™ home page as Mac or PC icons or as a searchable Candybar iContainer for OS X that also lets you customize your dock’s appearance.

We’re counting down the days until the release of the all new Indy adventure, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull™ due in theaters May 22nd. If you’re as excited as we are, be sure to visit the movie’s official website for all kinds of Indy info and goodies. Enjoy!

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