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“You will become a true believer!”

May 13, 2008

By Webmaster


The second release in our tribute to the adventures of Indiana Jones™ has arrived! Dr. Jones leads famous American female vocalist Willie Scott and pickpocket turned sidekick, Short Round, on an journey deep into India to recover the stolen Sankara Stones. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom™ is a roller-coaster ride of excitement that takes Indy on a dangerous quest full of bugs, evil henchmen and dark magic.

The Temple of Doom collection comes with 10 desktop icons you can use to give your Mac or PC desktops a fun, Indy makeover. The set includes the famous mine cart (the empty mine cart makes a great trash can!), Indy’s antidote vial, trusty satchel and more. And just like last week’s Raiders of the Lost Ark release, this set’s CandyBar iContainer showcases a special Leopard dock style that let’s Mac users customize their dock’s visual appearance.

With the upcoming release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull™ due to hit theaters on May 22nd, there isn’t much time left. Swing into action, visit the Iconfactory’s Indy home page and download these latest treasures before Mola Ram’s minions steal them away forever!

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