The Breakroom

Beware the ‘Son of Somatic’!

October 28, 2008

By Webmaster


With only four days left until the witching hour arrives, we’re pleased to throw one more treat into your bag of Halloween goodiesSon of Somatic. This playful, yet creepy set of desktop icons (the first Somatic set to be updated for Leopard) has oozed from the mind of David Lanham to haunt your Mac or PC desktop. From David’s macabre ‘Internal Drive’ to the cute and lovable ‘Mysterioso’ there are icons here for everyone. These Somatic critters will also feel perfectly at home with the desktop picture David released over at his personal site called The Last House. Head on over to the freeware page and knock on the door one last time to get your fill. Don’t wait, before you know it Halloween will be disappearing into the night for yet another year.