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Frenzic System Icons for Candybar

November 18, 2008

By Webmaster

The launch of Frenzic for the iPhone is now only hours away, and what better way to get your desktop in the gaming mood than with a new system replacement icon set from Louie Mantia.

Frenzic System is a futuristic replacement set of over 90 desktop icons that gamers and geeks will love. Custom folders, hard drives and even a trash can replacement will turn your Mac or PC desktop into a high-tech wonderland that glows with the light of a thousand power-ups. As an added bonus, CandyBar users will find an extra treat in the form of an all-new OS X Dock style that comes with the set’s iContainer. So be sure to download and res-up Frenzic System for your Mac or PC today, and stay tuned for the launch of Frenzic for the iPhone and iPod touch soon!