The Breakroom

Louie Mantia Joins the Iconfactory

November 3, 2008

By Webmaster


We are proud to announce that a new designer and icon artist has joined the Iconfactory – Louie Mantia. Over the years, Louie has made a name for himself in the Mac icon and iPhone development communities. His work as one of the original Tapulous team members brought such iPhone favorites as Tap Tap Revenge and Fortune to the iTunes App Store. Louie also lead the user interface design on the critically acclaimed Obama ‘08 iPhone application and has been a strong supporter of quality freeware on the Macintosh since day one.

We’re very pleased that Louie has accepted a position here in our Greensboro office helping to create the next generation of icons for visitors and corporate clients alike. We invite you to view some of Louie’s work on his personal website. Watch the Iconfactory for all-new creations from Mr. Mantia in the days ahead. Welcome aboard Louie!