The Breakroom


February 23, 2009

By Webmaster

Greensboro, North Carolina. Saturday, February 21, 2009. 7:15am. 24 degrees Fahrenheit. Gedeon, Talos, Anthony, Louie and myself arrive at Friendly Center to join a small but fanatical group, including Ian Meyer who had camped out all night, in front of a polished aluminum and glass monolith.

Just under three hours later the new employees joined us outside in the cold for a few rousing cheers. Our new Apple Store manager Dan then exclaimed as he officially opened the doors, “welcome home!”

Our good friends at The Unofficial Apple Weblog have a comprehensive post with links to numerous news stories and photo resources. Also, Talos posted a few pictures along with three videos on Flickr that capture the enthusiasm of the Apple staffers as we are finally let into the gleaming new store.