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xScope Winning Hearts & Minds of Developers

February 16, 2009

By Webmaster

Over the past year, two of our ‘children’, Twitterrific and Frenzic, have received a great deal of attention. But while these popular pieces of software have been having their moment in the sun, our award-winning tool xScope, has been quietly winning the hearts and minds of developers everywhere.

We realized this at Macworld when a gentleman came up to our kiosk and asked us to skip the Twitterrific & Frenzic demos and instead show his friend (a fellow web designer) xScope. It only took a few seconds with the Dimensions tool before he was hooked. We’re proud to say they aren’t the only ones.

Web developer Paul Stamatiou is another professional who’s recently discovered the power of xScope. He’s written an excellent review that nicely summarizes the software. Paul walks through the entire application tool by tool and is most impressed by Dimensions, calling it “almost worth the price of xScope itself”. He ends up giving xScope a full 10 out of 10 and says it is “definitely worth its price”. We couldn’t agree more.

If you work as a designer or developer, use the Mac platform and are not familiar with xScope, we invite you to head on over and check it out. We think you’ll quickly discover why so many of your peers feel so passionately about this swiss army knife for the screen.