The Breakroom

Nothing But the Rain

March 25, 2009

By Webmaster


We remember back in 2003 when the trailers for Ron Moore’s re-imagining of the short-run but classic 1978 camp sci-fi series began to play. We were not sure what to think. Cylons that look human? Starbuck is a girl? But we gave it a chance despite our concerns about someone frakking with our fond memories of that ragtag fugitive fleet searching for Earth.

Six years and four riveting seasons later we find ourselves wondering what to do now as we re-watch last Friday’s series finale and attempt to wring the last bit of gritty drama, dark humor and spectacular visuals out of what some of us here consider the best television series ever created. Even if you were not completely satisfied with the closing three hours, it was quite a journey.

As a tribute to the end of series Corey Marion and Louie Mantia have assembled a set of icons to help ease your pain. Show your pride in the Colonial Fleet with this collection of folders and rank insignias. Download them now for your Mac, PC or as a handy CandyBar iContainer. So say we all!