The Breakroom

Unicorn Tears & Rainbow Pillows

April 6, 2009

By Webmaster

The Mac community has been watching Microsoft’s new ad campaign closely and we think it’s fair to say they’re not impressed. First we saw actress turned laptop expert, Lauren DeLong, profess that she wasn’t “cool enough” to own a Macbook Pro. Then we got a taste of Giampaolo who told us “Macs are more about aesthetics than they are about computing power.” Uh huh.

Now we have former Fake Steve Jobs himself, Dan Lyons who’s run a “Macs won’t fly in this economy” opinion piece for Newsweek. In the article, Dan quotes David Webster, general manager for brand marketing at Microsoft in regards to Macs “Not everyone wants a machine that’s been washed with unicorn tears.”

Well, pardon us Mr. Webster, but as Mac users we happen to like unicorn tears! During last night’s TUAW talkcast, Mike Rose challenged listeners to come up with an appropriately snarky t-shirt, and our own Talos Tsui was only too happy to oblige. Just remember, every time you buy a “Crappy PC”, a unicorn sheds a tear.

To top it all off, artist David Lanham has managed to bottle up some of the most magical unicorn tears we’ve ever found and make them available just for you as this week’s QuickPix release. Head on over to our freeware page and download them today for your Mac or, yes, even your PC desktop. Don’t wait though, because just like rainbows, they’ll be gone before you know it!