The Breakroom

Frakking Toasters!

June 15, 2009

By Webmaster


Although The Scifi Channel’s epic re-imaging of Battlestar Galactica ended back in March, thoughts of the show linger still. So far we’ve released four BSG related icon sets and this week’s release from Talos is another collection dedicated to one of our all-time favorite TV shows and puts the bad guys, affectionately called ‘Toasters’, front and center.

Talos has managed to corral a host of Cylon Centurions from every age of Galactica for your Mac or PC desktop as well as a fun surprise that makes for a great trash can replacement. So while we wait for the return of Battlestar with this fall’s special TV event – The Plan, jump on over and grab BSG Fraking Toasters while you can. By your command!