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IconBuilder for Snow Leopard in Beta Test

August 27, 2009

By Webmaster

As we all eagerly await a shiny new version of Mac OS X, we need to let you know about some potential issues with our popular tool for building icons for both Mac and Windows.

One of the many improvements in Snow Leopard is the way that images are managed internally. Since IconBuilder accesses these images in complex ways while generating icons, some functions of the current version have been affected:

  • Copying the resource grid back into the Photoshop layer will cause a crash.
  • Importing an icon will not read in the 512×512 and 256×256 pixel resource.
  • Colors shift when importing 32-bit icons.

All of these problems have been fixed in an update we’re currently beta testing.

It’s unfortunate that we don’t have the fix available for the day of release, but since IconBuilder is such an important part of our daily client work, it’s difficult to test beta releases in our production environment. It’s only been recently that Adobe has even commented on the suitability of CS4 and
CS3 on Snow Leopard.

If you rely on IconBuilder for your own client work, we recommend that you hold off on upgrading until the new version is released for Snow Leopard. We promise it will be a short wait, as we’re all anxious to put this great new release on our Macs! :-)