The Breakroom

Introducing Ramp Champ for iPhone!

August 25, 2009

By Webmaster


Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages, step right up and prepare to embark on a fanciful journey you won’t soon forget! The Iconfactory & DS Media Labs, the talented developers behind Light Riders and the upcoming mobile MMO Dark Age of Reality, are pleased to bring you Ramp Champ.

Available for the iPhone and iPod touch, Ramp Champ is a new twist on classic boardwalk games like pinball and skeeball. Experience the wonders of the ocean depths. Gaze in awe as strange alien creatures descend from the skies. Join us on a journey through lush, sun-filled fields and dazzling carnival nights. Test your skills hitting targets on each uniquely-themed ramp as you amass vast quantities of tickets which can be redeemed for virtual baubles and digital trinkets.

Ramp Champ boasts dazzling artwork, easy to learn game controls and four levels or “ramps” offering hours of addictive game play. Each ramp is your gateway to a new world where unique virtual prizes and scores of trophies are waiting for you to collect. The fun doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve proven your worth, head to the in-game add-on section to purchase additional Ramp Packs. Each new pack offers additional challenges, original music and collectible knickknacks.

Ramp Champ is available today from the App Store for $1.99. Additional Ramp Packs can be purchased in-game for just 99