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Twitterrific 2.1 for iPhone

August 20, 2009

By Webmaster


Announcing the immediate release of the latest update to Twitterrific, the award-winning mobile Twitter client for iPhone and iPod touch. Version 2.1 of Twitterrific includes an entire host of new features and important bug fixes which are all designed to make our popular mobile Twitter client even more powerful and easy to use.

Here are just some of the notable items in Twitterrific 2.1 for the iPhone:

  • New “Address Book” to easily manage friends & followers
  • “Load More…” button at the bottom of the tweet timeline
  • Added support for recording, posting and playing back video
  • Translate any tweet to your native language via the action bar
  • Tapping on an avatar in author info views it full size
  • Added “Reply” and “Retweet” to tap shortcuts
  • Fixed keyboard problems with Emoji and slow typing
  • Improved battery life by changing how location updates
  • Fixed problems with favoriting tweets
  • Much, much more!

There really are too many new features and fixes to list them here so be sure to head over to the official site to view the complete version history, detailed screen shots, get answer to frequently asked questions, and buy cool Twitterrific themed merchandise.

As always, Twitterrific’s development is sponsored by inline ads via The Deck so users can enjoy Twitterrific and all its great features free of charge. Those users who prefer to run Twitterrific ad-free can choose to purchase the program for just $3.99 via the App Store. Enjoy!