The Breakroom

The Flurry Continues

September 18, 2009

By Webmaster


We’re pleased to bring you Louie Mantia and David Lanham’s second installment in their iPhone style system replacement set, Flurry System. This time around the duo have teamed up and created over 70 application icons that you can use to help give the rest of your computer desktop an iPhone makeover.

With a plethora of application replacements such as BBEdit, Things, Firefox, Xcode and more, Flurry Extras contains something for everyone. Don’t miss the attention to detail Louie & David have crafted into this huge set of freeware icons. Surf on over and download Flurry Extras for your Mac or Windows PC today. The set’s iContainer also means setting dozens of application icons is a snap with Panic’s new Candybar 3.2.1 for Snow Leopard. If you’re a Mac user, be sure to check it out.