The Breakroom

A Ramp Champ Christmas!

December 16, 2009

By Webmaster


Offering Ramp Champ as a free download introduced this addictive ode to Skee-ball & pinball to thousands of new users all over the world! Now we’re here to bring all of those new players a special holiday treat.

Announcing North Pole, a new, completely FREE add-on level for Ramp Champ. Plunk mischievous elves, sink snowflakes and clock the Clauses on your way to collecting fabulous presents to become king of the holiday hill. Playing North Pole is easy – simply launch Ramp Champ and head to the add-ons tab from the main menu to download the in-game content free of charge.

We’re pleased to bring you this special holiday treat for Ramp Champ, the game Macworld Magazine named their Best Designed iPhone Game of 2009. And while North Pole will remain a free add-on, the game will return to its normal price of $1.99 on Friday, Dec 18th. So don’t wait to open your free presents much longer, or you could end up with a lump of coal in your stocking instead. Head over to the App Store and download Ramp Champ for your iPhone or iPod touch today. Happy holidays from the Iconfactory & DS Media Labs!