The Breakroom

Two New Additions to Our Portfolio

June 8, 2010

By Webmaster

While the majority of our visitors see the freeware and software releases we publish, fewer are aware of the work we do for our paying clients. We’re pleased two new entries have been added to our design portfolio today.

The first is the user interface and icon design done for the award-winning board game turned iPhone phenomenon, Carcassonne. Recently released, Carcassonne by TheCodingMonkeys, has received rave reviews by users all around the globe. The Iconfactory worked closely with the team at TheCodingMonkeys to design a richly detailed and enjoyable gaming experience that players love.

Second comes the whimsical iconography the Iconfactory did for Digital Arch’s new development software, Briefs. Briefs is an elegant solution to the problem of mocking up iPhone and iPod interfaces, which is given a distinctly humorous slant thanks to its memorable application icons.

We hope you enjoy these sneak peeks as you browse the Iconfactory’s design section. If your company is in need of custom design work, please don’t hesitate to contact us.