The Breakroom

“Your agonizer, please…”

August 24, 2010

By Webmaster


Here at the Iconfactory, we can’t seem to get enough Trek. Dave Brasgalla is pleased to release the second installment of his icon series based on props for the original 60’s Star Trek series. This round includes the unforgettable “agonizer” device the evil Spock used on Chekov from the intriguing and disturbing “mirror universe”, in addition to some delicious, piping-hot space coffee – served with a smile by a beautiful yeoman, no doubt!

These icons pay tribute to the visionary designers and prop makers who worked to give Gene Roddenberry’s concepts physical form. Fans of the original Star Trek will love this small set of icons available for your Mac, PC or as a handy CandyBar iContainer. Enjoy!