The Breakroom

On Final Approach

October 25, 2010

By Webmaster


Back in May, we filed a flight plan for the future development of Twitterrific, both for iOS and the Macintosh. We’re pleased to report that the first phase, the release of Twitterrific 3 universal for iPhone and iPad, was completed in June.

After that we continued devoting development efforts to the 4.0 update to Twitterrific for Mac. As with any product that’s in development, we don’t currently have a firm release date or pricing. We can say that it will require Snow Leopard (10.6) because of some new features. We know that many of you are waiting anxiously, so we’re posting a tiny peek at the current state of Twitterrific on our desktops. Yes, the app is real and it’s going to be great!

For all of us here at the factory, 2010 has been “the year of software”. In addition to the iOS updates to Twitterrific and Pickin’ Time, we recently
released a handy iPhone utility called Take Five that automatically remembers to un-pause your music for you. It doesn’t stop there: we have several more software surprises up our sleeves, including our next major gaming title, Astronut for iPhone. A year in the making, Astronut promises to be our finest entertainment title to date. Head on over to for a sneak peek and to sign up for Twitter news updates about the game in the weeks ahead.

We’re very excited about what the upcoming release of Twitterrific has to offer and hope you stay tuned while we’re working hard to make it great. We thank you for your continued support of our efforts both on the desktop and iOS. It’s certainly a great time to be an Apple developer. Stick around, things are getting interesting!