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Twitterrific 4.1 for iPhone & iPad

April 22, 2011

By Webmaster


Announcing the immediate release of Twitterrific 4.1 for iOS. This latest update to our popular Twitter app includes several great feature enhancements including username auto-completion, advanced options via settings, easy reporting of spammers and much more.

Version 4.1 is also our first, true cross-platform release and will be out shortly on the Mac. In order to bring parity to both platforms, we’ve updated Twitterrific for iOS’s version number to 4 and brought it inline with the Mac. This makes it easier to keep track of for users as well as for us when sending technical support queries.

Some of the notable highlights in Twitterrific 4.1 include:

  • Username auto-completion when composing a tweet
  • Camera support for iPad 2
  • Support for media uploads & URL shortening
  • New Advanced settings (keep scrolled to top & more)
  • Improved loading of multiple tweets in a conversation when selected
  • Multiple bugs squashed (double emoji, YouTube vids, etc)
  • Plus lots more

Twitterrific 4.1 is a universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and is available from the App Store completely free of charge for use with a single Twitter account. Users can upgrade via an in-app purchase to remove advertising and enable multiple Twitter accounts.

We invite you to visit to view the complete list of what’s new, get answers to frequently asked questions and purchase Twitterrific related goodies and gear. Then wing your way to the App Store and download Twitterrific and join the fun!