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Flare 1.0.2 Arrives

May 13, 2011

By Webmaster

Announcing Flare 1.0.2 for Mac OS X. This latest update allows you to move the location of the Flare Preset folder to anywhere on your hard drive, including a Dropbox volume. This means you can now quickly and easily share a single set of Presets across multiple Macs running Flare. Here are some of the notable highlights in version 1.0.2:

  • Location of Preset folder is now user customizable via Preferences
  • Command-Click on disclosure triangle to toggle all effects open/closed
  • Improves rendering speed of Presets and Snapshot panes
  • Auto-orientaion of images with EXIF rotation information on import

Flare 1.0.2 is available from the Mac App Store for $19.99. Users can also download and try the application free of charge from We invite you to see how easy and beautiful this digital darkroom app really is. Your photos are just the beginning.