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Regarding Twitter’s OAuth Policy Change

June 22, 2011

By Webmaster

Twitter recently announced a new authentication policy that changes the way third party software like Twitterrific must interact with your account. Instead of entering your username and password directly into Twitterrific, users will now be required to authenticate through, which then authorizes the application to access their updates. Authenticating in this manner allows you to keep access to direct messages from within Twitterrific and in theory, makes your account more secure.

To continue using Twitterrific to access your tweets, please update to the latest version before June 30th, 2011. We’ve done extensive testing on Twitterrific using the new OAuth authentication process and have attempted to make it as bulletproof as possible for you. The recently released v 4.2 for iOS & Mac incorporates these changes and has already been downloaded seamlessly by thousands of users.

Any version of Twitterrific (for Mac or iOS) prior to 4.2 will not function properly after June 30, 2011. We’re sorry that this change in Twitter policy may cause confusion and frustration for some of our users.

Note: Using different versions at the same time will cause authentication errors so it is important to upgrade all devices and platforms.

Twitterrific 4.2 for iOS and Mac is a free upgrade for registered users of v3.x Universal for iOS and v4.x for Mac and is available for download from the iOS and Mac App Stores today. As always, we thank you for your support, patience and understanding in dealing with’s changes in policy.