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Twitterrific 4.4.1 for iOS & Mac

September 27, 2011

By Webmaster

Announcing the immediate release of Twitterrific 4.4.1 for iOS and Macintosh. This latest update includes several important fixes that should improve the overall experience when using Twitterrific. Most notably, the number of tweets fetched on refresh has been raised significantly. This should help reduce the occurrence of large tweet gaps as well as make timeline synching more reliable when enabling Tweet Marker. Version 4.4.1 also restores full screen mode under Mac OS X Lion, improves the reliability of the ‘Replies to this Author’ action and removes the window re-size limit on the Mac desktop.

Twitterrific 4.4.1 is available as both a universal app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as for the Mac desktop via the iOS and Mac App Stores. The software is free of charge for use with a single Twitter account.

We invite you to visit the Twitterrific website to view the complete list of what’s new for both iOS and Mac OS X, get answers to frequently asked questions and purchase Twitterrific related goodies and gear. Enjoy.