The Breakroom

“It’s alive! ALIVE!”

October 11, 2011

By Webmaster


Few things around here get the old bones rattling and the blood pumping like Halloween does. Our favorite holiday is fast approaching and so the hordes of mindless thralls (sorry, we mean workers) have dug up the undead to help ‘redecorate’ the factory one more time.

Keep your eyes peeled (and we do mean peeled) in October for all new icon sets, scary new desktop pictures, and some tasty surprise tricks and treats. Be sure to keep visiting for the latest Halloween happenings in our News Links and don’t forget to visit our haunted staff page. Our employees have undergone their annual horrific transformations, so be sure to bring your silver bullets and holy water, you don’t want to miss a moment of the creepy, crawly fun.

Our month long tribute to all things All Hallow’s Eve begins today with the release of Invasion!, a new Futurama inspired desktop picture from Ged. This scene from last season’s classic episode The Late Philip J. Fry is reminiscent of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds and paints an all too familiar picture of a gigantic robotic invasion of New New York in the year 252525. Invasion! comes in two styles and is available for your computer desktop or as a fun iPhone wallpaper today. Head on over to the freeware page to fend off these mechanized harbingers of doom… and by “fend off” we mean, download the freebie wallpapers today.

We hope you’ll stay tuned for everything emerging from the lab in the weeks ahead. Fun stuff is in store so enjoy the creepy new Iconfactory, and Happy Halloween everyone!