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Introducing xScope 3.0

January 19, 2012

By Webmaster


The Iconfactory and ARTIS Software are pleased to announce xScope v 3.0. xScope is a powerful set of tools that you can use to measure, inspect and test on-screen elements. Version 3 has been redesigned for clarity, optimized for the latest Macs, and brings over 70 new features and improvements that are sure to make your job as a designer or developer easier.

Version 3 also adds a new tool called the Mirror. xScope’s Mirror tool constantly displays the contents of a specific Mac window on your iOS device. As you work on a Photoshop document or the iOS Simulator, what you see on your Mac is mirrored instantly onto the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad screen. Mirrored windows can be nudged and locked so that they always display on iOS even when re-positioned or placed under other windows. In addition, when mirroring a Mac window on iOS there is no chrome to get in your way or repetitive save actions to perform.

The Mirror tool requires a companion app that is a FREE universal download from the App Store. Be sure to check out our video demo of the Mirror tool in action for more information.

We encourage you to visit to read the complete list of what’s new, but here are just some of the other highlights version 3 has to offer:

  • Re-designed for increased usability and a fresh new look
  • SmartTools to automatically turn separate tools on or off
  • Preference to display the individual menubar tools as a single item
  • Edge snapping to position tools with on-screen content
  • Updated Screens sizes including iOS, Android, Mac, Windows & TV
  • Simulate user vision problems including color blindness and presbyopia
  • Many bug fixes and tweaks to improve performance
  • Many more features & improvements

xScope 3 is available from Apple’s Mac App Store via their one-click ordering system. Ordering from the Mac App Store means there are no registration codes to keep track of and you get updates automatically. In addition, we’re running a Mac App Store launch special – xScope is 30% off the regular price and available for just $19.99 for a limited time.

Free upgrades are available if you purchased a license after July 14th, 2011. A paid upgrade for purchases before that date is available for $19.99. Multi-user licenses can also be upgraded or purchased directly from our site.

We’re very excited about this release and encourage you to visit the xScope homepage today to download and test out this latest update to a program that we call our “swiss army knife” for designers and developers. Enjoy!