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Introducing Flare 2.2

July 21, 2015

By Webmaster

Today we’re updating Flare, our award-winning photo editing application. We’re also updating its companion app for iOS, Flare Effects with support for the new filters and features in the Mac app.

Important: We’re aware of the problems with Flare on the El Capitan public beta and working to fix things. Flare 2.2 does not address any issues you may be having with the pre-release software.

We’re excited to debut two all-new filters today – Colorfilm and Timestamp.

The Colorfilm filter is designed to emulate the characteristics of saturated color film, but it uses a new approach to achieve better results than what’s been available in the past. The Flare Blog describes this unique approach in detail.

Before applying the Colorfilm filter:

And after applying the Colorfilm filter:


The effect is subtle, but notice how the wood plaques become warmer, the details in the woodgrain become more pronounced, and background colors gain a bit more vibrance.

The Timestamp filter simulates the time or date stamp feature found in older film cameras. We’ve tried hard to preserve the vintage look and feel for those of us that remember those bygone days.

The full size view of the photo

Here’s a closeup:

Time stamp closeup

We hope you enjoy these two new filters and other new features in Flare. For an overview of everything that’s new in Flare 2.2 check out the Flare Blog.